3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) Technology

Solder paste inspection combines full-color 2D and 3D images and is based on 3D data. 2D imaging is used for fiducial mark recognition, coordinate adjustment, and pad-based warpage compensation, providing a full-color 2D image that verifies the height information for a wide variety of PCB situations, such as flexible printed circuit boards and colored PCBs. 3D imaging is used for highly accurate height measurement. The condition of the solder paste is measured and automatically judged in 3D for each pad. Saki's 3D SPI system ensures high repeatability of inspection results, with height inspection repeatability of 2μm at 3σ and volume inspection repeatability of +/- 3% with a high gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R).

Saki's inspection technology is used in the assembly of circuit boards for a broad spectrum of products, such as smart phones with micro-size parts, on-vehicles, industrial devices with tall parts, and power supply circuit integrated servers.

Saki's 3D SPI system inspects for:

  • Height
  • Volume
  • Area
  • Bridging
  • Offset
  • Shape

Phase Measurement Profilometry with Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology

In an SMT assembly line, a wide variety of parts, from microchips to tall components, are automatically mounted by pick and place machines. Saki has successfully developed active projection technology which projects various lighting patterns to capture everything located on a substrate with a height range measurement of 0-500 microns, in 3D, clearly, and without shadows. Through high-speed switching of projection patterns in real-time, and combining both a narrow and wide range of measurement, Saki's machines realize broad dynamic ranges. A high-rigidity gantry provides stability to the system for sharp, reliable images.

Phase Measurement Profilometry with LCoS technology was originally developed for Saki's automated optical inspection (AOI) systems and has now been optimized for measurement of solder paste after printing.

Advanced Analysis Capabilities

Saki 's unique, state-of the-art 3D measurement technology provides advanced analysis capability, with easy and powerful image-viewing features that allow the user to rotate, enlarge, and reduce images. The system automatically measures warpage at various points across a broad area of the board and optimizes the settings based on the warpage and the printed solder paste thickness to provide the greatest accuracy in warpage measurement and compensation. The process control chart shows real-time data, as well as hourly summaries.

Closed-loop functionality

The closed-loop function permits solder paste measurement data to be fed back to the front-end process, thereby greatly minimizing potential solder defects throughout the remainder of the process.

Compatibility with Saki BF-2 3D AOI Systems

Saki's user-friendly 3D system software, BF-2, provides network compatibility, commonality, and ease of operation for all of Saki's 3D series of machines.