Saki's Evolutionary Software

Although there are lots of requirements for inspection and measurement systems, it's the software that gives you the edge. The software determines the process controls, data capture, measurement capabilities, programming, operation, feedback, and the basic usability of the platform. Saki has always prided itself on its quality hardware, but the special ingredient is Saki's software.


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Saki's systems use an algorithm-based software, which provides more extensive programming capabilities. The software is intuitive to program and provides enough flexibility that even if you're not a programmer, you can zoom in on the smallest area, see the component, solder, board, and/or defects from every angle, and examine exactly what you need to see.

Offline programming emulates the machine, so programming and debugging can be done completely off line without having to rescan the board once the initial board image is captured. Changes to programs can be made on-the-fly, without having to stop the manufacturing or inspection process.

Saki's SPI and AOI software is uniform. Menus are transferrable from one machine or process to the other, so operators have familiarity with the software and don't have to be retrained for each system.

Saki continually updates its software, applying the latest image processing technology and image analysis techniques to bring significant performance and speed improvements to each new version. Newer software versions are backward compatible with older hardware, enabling the user to upgrade older systems to be compatible with new software versions. This provides users the ability to keep their Saki systems up-to-date with new inspection algorithms and libraries and reduces programming time, generating faster production ramp-up, while keeping support issues to a minimum.

A complete step-by-step explanation of how Saki's programming wizard can determine the attributes of your component and prepare a recipe, even if you don't have the actual component, can be found on the Software Programming page of this website.