3D AOI Products

Saki's New 3Di Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems:

Saki's rigid gantry structure is a key component of the 3Di-LS2, 3Di-LD2, and 3Di-ZS2 hardware platforms. A dual-motor drive system, linear scale, and full closed-loop functionality provide machine accuracy and repeatability to generate absolute measurement data, which is essential for accurate machine-2-machine (M2M) communication.

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  • Deliver a high-speed of 5,700mm2/sec
  • High-accuracy, with XY positioning of 3µm at 3Ơ
  • Height repeatability below 2µm at 3Ơ
  • Scalable resolutions of 7, 12 and 18µm for boards weighing 12kg
  • CoaXPress interface in the overhead camera captures images 1.7 times faster

Saki's BF-3Di Series includes:

BF-3Di-L1 for L size boards
BF-3Di-Z1 for XL size boards
BF-3Di-D1 with dual lanes