2D AOI Products

1 - Selectable resolution (X-Y), 10µm or 20µm
2 - 250 x 330mm in dual-lane mode; up to 460 x 330mm in single-lane mode
* All AOI machines can be configured for Automated Conformal Coating Inspection (AOI)

Saki has 2D AOI inspection systems for every size company and every need, whether it’s an offline, online, single lane, dual lane, XL, benchtop, a system that can run doubled-sided boards simultaneously, or anything in between.

Saki's 2D AOI systems employ a telecentric lens optical system to capture the clearest images. The system corrects for brightness of the entire sample and compensates for position misalignment in real time while the image is scanned, assuring inspection results that are accurate, reliable, and repeatable over time. A variety of algorithms and lighting types are available to deal with a wide range of industry inspection requirements. Multiple data handling capabilities are provided, such as switching settings by barcode reading and data output to the customer’s data server to flexibly cope with line requirements.

Superior software and programming

All AOI systems easily connect with Saki's BF-RP1 Repair Terminal to perform rework, Saki's BF-Editor for creating inspection off-line, Saki's BF-Monitor Control Software for real-time control of operation status for multiple lines, and Saki's BF-WebTracerII for long-term traceability and real-time management of production quality and AOI operation. These optional software packages help you to streamline your quality process, improve production ramp-up time, control inline quality, and guarantee the quality of your end product. Check out our software section for more information.

Programming is simple and intuitive. All Saki's inspection systems run on the same, easy-to-use software and menus so it's easy to add systems or capabilities.

Take a look at our 2D AOI Lineup

BF-Planet-X II Smallest footprint, inline, high speed

For M-size boards, this inline, high-speed, space-saving model, at only 60cm wide, has the smallest footprint in its class. It handles boards of 330x250mm and scans them in only 4 seconds.

BF-Frontier IIFor XL-size boards, inline, high speed, and 18µm resolution

For XL boards in single-lane production lines, this high-speed system delivers 18µm resolution.

BF-10Z XL size panel capabilities, inline, and 2 resolution modes

The BF-10Z was developed especially for manufacturers building XL size panels, up to 686 x 870 mm (27.01 x 34.25 in.), for products such as communication base stations, server and storage assemblies, and LED back panels. The BF-10Z employs Saki's "Selective Resolution System," which enables users to operate in 10µm or 20µm resolution scanning modes. Users can select either mode, choosing the one that best matches accuracy and throughput needs. The BF-10Z's takt time is 48 seconds in 10μm mode, and 31.5 seconds in 20µm mode.

BF-10D High speed, inline, dual-lane production

The BF-10D, M-size system was developed especially for high speed, inline, dual-lane production, employing Saki's new high-speed color camera and a new gantry frame designed for high speed motion of the camera. New image processing tools take advantage of multi-core CPU processing. The BF-10D can easily keep up with production takt times as short as 8 seconds. Saki's BF-10D handles dual-lane high speed production lines using only one head. Whether the two lanes have the same or different board configurations, they can be inspected simultaneously in one pass, making inspection very fast. When the same items are run in both lanes, the inspection programming data can be shared. 

BF-Tristar IIHigh-speed selective solder inspection and simultaneous two-sided inspection

For high-speed selective solder inspection or simultaneous top/bottom PCB inspection, the model BF-Tristar II is the best solution. What used to take two separate production processes can now be done in one simple process. It can inspect top-side SMT and bottom-side reflow or through-hole components on both sides in one pass, including inspection for stray parts. By scanning the top side first on an outward route and then back side on a return route, it can reduce light reflection from the opposite sample side to assure stable inspection results. The compact machine can even be easily installed into a cell production line. Optional ultraviolet lighting for conformal coating inspection is also available on the BF-Tristar II.

BF-10BTOffline simultaneous double-sided system

The ultimate machine for double-sided PCB inspection, the BF-10BT's robust and highly repeatable system is built for 24/7 continuous operation. The system inspects both sides of the PCB in one process with 10μm resolution. It inspects 01005 in. (0402mm) components and detects solder balls down to 150μm with high speed and superior data handling capabilities. It's perfect for final inspection, through-hole inspection after wave or selective soldering, or manual inspection. 

Benchtop Systems

Saki's offline inspection series improves line productivity with shorter takt time and delivers the same high-quality results as inline systems.

BF-Comet10/ BF-Comet18 Accurate, high-speed performance in a desktop model

Whether you need 10μm or 18μm resolution, these offline desktop systems perform like the big guys. The Comet18 has a scan time of just 5 seconds.

BF-SiriusAccurate, high-speed performance in a benchtop, for XL sizes

This offline 2D AOI benchtop model handles XL-size PCBs and boards of from 50x50mm to 500x460mm.