Total Smart Factory Inspection maximizes efficiency by improving production-line quality.

Accuracy in 3D AOI Enables M2M CommunicationsIn M2M communication, inspection equipment accuracy directly correlates to the quality and optimization of the production process. Results of tests using Panasonic and Saki equipment detail factors that drive M2M success.

Tests were conducted using Panasonic's NPM placement equipment and Saki's BF-3Di 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) system to assess the role that inspection accuracy plays in achieving good M2M communication. Results showed that the Saki 3D AOI inspection system achieved accuracy greater than 1.0 Cpk, indicating that a +10µm accuracy was maintained. Fill in the form and download the free white paper Accuracy in 3D AOI Enables M2M Communications for a detailed description of the tests that were conducted and the test results.